Canadian Benefit Providers

Who Are we?

Canadian Benefit Providers is a Third-Party Administrator and Third-Party Payor of products and services for the Canadian benefit industry.

We have built our company by being a TPA/TPP that our partners can rely on to be flexible and innovative. Maintaining and building upon that is our way forward.


Managing General Agents (MGAs), Brokers and their clients (employers, associations, and individuals).

Our client base is two-tiered. Our primary clients are MGAs, plan advisors and self-administer brokers and our secondary clients are the groups, associations, or individuals they represent. If you work for the success of one, you ensure the success of the other. You ensure our success as well.


Our clients want to provide employee benefit plans that are innovative, flexible, cost-effective and easy to manage.

The consistent theme in the feedback and product offering proposals we receive from our clients is that the standard suite of employee benefits is not the solution they are pursuing. Our clients want exciting plans that meet their clients’ needs, including, fiscal needs. In addition, our clients want the experience of managing their affairs with us to be effortless. That is to say, they don’t want to put in effort over and above what’s needed to accomplish a task and they don’t want to be treated like a number.


Innovative & Flexible:

We work with our clients to develop products and product offerings that meet their clients’ current and future needs.

Cost Effective:

We leverage our excellent reputation and strong relationships with suppliers to provide benefit plans that are friendly to the client’s bottom line.

Easy to Manage:

We provide a benefit management software platform that meets the clients’ needs and provides an exceptional user experience.
We establish and communicate clear, reasonable guidelines and processes to ensure all clients and partners have the right expectation about how business will be conducted.
We support our clients when they are faced with unexpected circumstances.



We provide benefit administration solutions that are flexible, innovative, and sustainable.

Our niche is at the intersection of who CBP is, what our clients want, and how we deliver what our clients want. Over the years, we have carved out a pretty solid space in the Canadian benefits landscape. So solid that potential clients seek us out based on our reputation, which is a great situation to be in.


To better the Canadian benefits landscape by constantly pushing the boundaries of what an employee benefit plan can be and what a Third-Party Administrator and Third-Party Payor can do.

Trailblazing. Challenging the status quo. Pushing boundaries. However you phrase it, it boils down to constantly asking “why” and “why not.” It’s about throwing the dictionary definitions of TPA, TPP and ‘benefit plan’ out the window, and it’s about living and breathing the possibilities of those things.


To be the most trusted benefits administrator in Canada.


1. Be client and partner-focused.
Our success depends on that of our clients and partners. We must work with them to generate revenue, encourage repeat business, and generate new business. We must be as easy to do business with as possible. That doesn’t mean doing whatever they want but setting the right expectations and meeting them.
2. We are our people.
A company is nothing without its people. We will value them, encourage their development, celebrate their performance, and support them in their need. We will ensure they have all the tools they need for success.
3. Make it better.
Progress, not perfection. There will never be a time when there is nothing left to improve. To believe otherwise is complacency and that’s when businesses start to fail. No improvement is too small if it makes our lives and those of our partners better.
4. Do the right thing, act with integrity.
The right thing is rarely the easy thing. But easy or not, we have to stand for what is just and right and hold ourselves to a high level of ethical standards. How else will you be able to look your mother in the eye?

5. Be compassionate and respectful.
As much as we’d like it to be otherwise, people don’t contact us just to say “Hi!”. They’re contacting us because they perceive that there’s an issue with their benefits. They need their medication and they’re concerned they won’t be able to get it. Their rent is due and they haven’t received a disability payment yet. They’re new to the Plan Admin role and are desperate to learn the intricacies of employee benefits so they can be the resource their team needs. Whatever the reason, they rely on us to help and we must offer that help with compassion and respect.


Our philosophy has always been to listen to the customer and to colour outside of the lines.

We started doing that 20+ years ago when we determined that group benefit offerings were based on the insurance company’s rules/capabilities and not on what the customer wanted.

Jim Burns started Automated Benefits in the mid 1990’s to provide a claims adjudication administrative services-only system for group dental, health and vision coverage. The company expanded rapidly and was eventually sold. It now operates as Telus Symbility.

Not wanting to stand on the sidelines, Jim started Canadian Benefit Providers in 2006. He talked to a lot of Plan advisors to see what they wanted in an integrated Third Party Administration (TPA) and a Third Party Adjudication system. He also went to many trade shows and PBM conferences in the United States. That’s how Canadian Benefit Providers was developed. Listening to the customer and looking everywhere to get new ideas.

Now Canadian Benefit Providers have a fully integrated Third Party Administration, Adjudication and Hour Bank system, which we distribute through plan advisors who have entrusted us with over 900 different groups. They have done that because of our flexibility, innovative approach and because we colour outside the lines.

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