Third Party Administration

Flexible Third Party Administration

Our average invoice has over seven (7) different suppliers on it. That means you can pick the right product for your client. One supplier for each different line of business; if that’s what you choose. Think of the flexibility!

How do we support our clients?

We have a portal for each of you: the Plan Advisor, the Plan Administrator and the Employee. The portals gives each user secure, specific information for everything they need.

Our Business / Client Service department is staffed with knowledgeable people who can action inquiries on the spot. In fact over 93% of calls to our Help Desk are answer by a live person who fixes the issue on the spot.

Some of the fun stuff that Canadian Benefit Providers does on a daily basis:

  • When you choose to change carriers, you don’t have to re-enrol, get new booklets or benefit cards. Your clients just sign the applications, the new electronic booklet is automatically generated, AND the benefit card remains the same. (Ask us how!)
  • Web portals, booklets, invoices can be White Labeled if you choose.
  • Insured EHC, Vision and Dental or ASO or mix and match. Your choice!
  • Budgeted ASO or Claims in arrears.
  • Self Enrollment tool on the desktop or mobile.
  • Hour Bank: If your client chooses, eligibility can feed directly into our TPA system and into our claims system, or, clients can upload enrolments and hours themselves
  • Tiered plans based on years of service. It’s automatic!
  • Mobile instance: Employees can submit claims, view claims history, get an electronic benefit card and more ……

Ancillary Products

The benefit space is changing daily as are the products that are being offered we’ve got plenty to offer:

  • Individual Stop Loss priced by province, with deductibles and rates not seen elsewhere in the industry.  For example, a $5,000 deductible for $5.39 / month Single and $14.00 / month Family (Ontario rates)
  • EAP and 2nd Opinion
  • Multiple virtual doctors’ programs
  • Pocket Pills
  • Fitness programs
  • And more …..

If you don’t like what we have on offer and want a different supplier, we’ll invoice it for you.

When we invoice that different new product, employee eligibility is correct, the benefit summary shows the benefit as does the benefit booklet and the invoice is correct.
That neat new benefit will not be forgotten, it will be front and center.

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